Public Relations at the Karl-Heinz-Howe-Simon-Fiedler-Stiftung

In order for the Interreg project to become popular and for the Howe-Fiedler-Stiftung to find enough volunteers, the foundation was visiting various local councils in the city of Kiel.

The state capital Kiel has 18 local councils, which have the following tasks:

  • They participate in district-based decisions.
  • They will be informed and consulted by the administration on all important local projects of the city.
  • They discuss current topics of the district with inclusion of the inhabitants.

For the Howe-Fiedler-Stiftung, the consultation of local residents is an important factor which is good for public relations. The foundation has held lectures in the local advisory board Gaarden, in the local advisory board Neumühlen-Dietrichsdorf, in the Local advisory board Ellerbek/Wellingdorf and in the local advisory council Elmschenhagen/Kroog, who also informs about the WIPP project for healthy ageing. Furthermore the local press (Kieler Nachrichten) published on the 26th of April 2018 an article with the headline:

„Are there enough offers for senior citizens on the eastern Shore?“

The media attention unfortunately did not have the desired effect of numerous feedback from volunteers. However, it is very important that the Howe-Fiedler-Stuftung receives a trustful response.

In addition to the administrative units to be inspected, the foundation invites visitors to information events with coffee and cakes in cooperation with network partners. This has already been implemented with the Diakonie Altholstein in Gaarden and in Ellerbek. The presentation of the project WIPP and the presentation of the interviewers are also be focused.

The Howe-Fiedler-Stiftung is constantly WIPP-to-date.