WIPP-Health and process innovation combined with applied research

Within the framework of the new EU law on data protection for persons (DSGVO), the WIPP project chose to use a new data platform. The months of hard work on the implementation of the data protection ordinance, the configuration of the data platform and project adjustments were successful.

The project works with the process innovation for prevention among citizens aged 65 years and older. Digital solutions/models are used to ensure a long-term and cost-effective prevention of health work in the future and enable to reach a large number of people.

With the help of 1600 participating citizens spread over 4 cities in Denmark and Germany, digitally valuable personal health data are collected, which are used to identify potential health risks and to promote preventive changes in lifestyle. It is very important that the project has a data collection tool that can collect and store the data, the fuel of the project, safely and effectively.

WIPP decided to use the digital platform RedCap Cloud www.redcapcloud.com which is provided by the Syddansk University (SDU). RedCap Cloud already has many years of technological experience in clinical research and is a flexible and accessible data platform that can be used for many different types of data collection.

Citizens, who participate in preventive visits of the WIPP project, already know that the responses of the project questionnaires and tests are directly collected in the municipal database -and can also be used directly if the health profile and the proposals for changes in lifestyle are adequately.

In the future municipalities and other health-promoting organizations will be able to use the experience of the project as an integral part of a prevention, which corresponds to the need of citizens. In Denmark with the well-known e-box solution as emphasized.