WIPP – Social Responsibility

An Investment in society

Our society is changing and we feel responsible to adjust to this change. Demographic change and the increasing percentage of older citizens are a challenge for today’s society. The expected increase of the percentage of citizens over 65 years within the next 15 years is 6.7% in Schleswig-Holstein and 7.3% in South Denmark. In this population, functional limitations are more common than in other age groups, which is why the WIPP project has the aim to reduce functional limitations.

The key to an active and healthy life

We work to uncover the key to an active and healthy life. Healthy Life Years (HLY) are an indicator for the expected remaining lifetime of a person in a certain age that is without disability or functional limitation, including the age of a person in the estimation. HLY are related to quality of life. When HLY are increased, quality of life and social participation are higher, too. Thereby, both the (subjective) experience and the (objective) expectation of life are in the focus.

The European Union has the goal to increase the HLY by 2 years per European citizen in the realm of the health program until 2020. The WIPP project supports the achievement of this goal by early detection of people with health risks doing a screening with seniors in Kiel and South Denmark, who are older than 65 years. Then, fitting interventions in their district will be searched together with persons at risk.