Huge interest in successful WIPP interventions

In Korsør town, Slagelse Municipality, the WIPP project’s interventions are well underway and this with great success. Citizens in both courses respectively. CALSTI (“train your form”) and SEMAI (“form your life”) are very happy with the progress and content. After the first 12 of a total of 24 weeks of intervention, citizens in both courses experience major improvements in both their physical functioning, but also in their perceived quality of life.

In the beginning I could hardly move, and I was daily afflicted by violent pain. Through the training, my pain and movement have improved”, says Bente Ravn age 65. Bente is a participant in one of the project’s SEMAI courses (“form your life”) and has through this found both motivation and other elderly she can be physically active with. “I have met so many sweet people, whom I can make pleasant appointments with. It has made a big difference in my mood”, Bente Ravn explains.

Another participant is 82-year-old Ebba Jensen, who participates in one of the CALSTI courses (“train your form”). Before she started training, Ebba had to take eight painkillers daily to get through the day. But today she is pain-free. “I simply had to take them (the pills),” says Ebba Jensen to Tv2 East, Denmark, and elaborates; “I train twice a week and now I am able to walk much better and longer – that means a lot to me.”


You can find, view and read both newspaper articles and feature from Tv2 East on the links below (though only in Danish)