WIPP – prevention in action

The Howe-Fiedler-Stiftung has been offering a movement program in the district of Kiel Gaarden since mid-2015, which is very well accepted by older citizens. A trained physiotherapist and sports teacher leads the program. It includes activities from Monday to Thursday for one hour and takes into account of each individual citizen. In the first “sniff”, a health check is performed so that difficulties with the health situation can be identified and considered directly. The participating senior citizens are receptive and open-minded to new offers. For example, an hour of stand-up paddling was offered last year. With lots of fun and joy, the boards were tested in an outdoor pool.

Another project, where we successfully encourage seniors to be active is the “walkerdance”. Many of the participants were skeptical at first and did not dare to dance with the walker and develop some elegance. Today, the weekly dance lesson is a popular and important event. Not only the movement, but also the society is promoted and for many of the participants it has a positive life-influence.

These are just two of the different offers the Howe-Fiedler-Stiftung offers to promote an active and healthy aging. We are aware of the importance of activation, physical activity, physical and mental health. The foundation’s mission is to increase the quality of life of the senior citizens of Kiel, who live in old-age poverty.

Preventive home visits promote the individual approach and targeted offers can be used to get people out of retreat and fragility.