Preparation and start of the intervention in Kiel

In advance to the implementation of the WIPP-Intervention, there was a lot of back and forth thinking, there were many discussions and ideas exchanged, but now it’s finally time:

The startsignal sounded in Kiel Suchsdorf on 22.11.2018.

In close cooperation with the AOK NordWest, the Landessportverband Schleswig-Holstein, the Diakonie Altholstein as well as the Anlaufstelle Nachbarschaft with its seat at the Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kiel, the foundation to activate the senior citizens of Kiel was laid.

For both Kiel districts, Suchsdorf and Gaarden, suitable rooms and qualified trainers could be found. The trainers received an introduction to the contents of the respective intervention-forms in November and are now ready to join in the implementation together with the participants.

An initial survey of physical functioning took place in Suchsdorf in the same rooms in which later the intervention-sessions executes. Therefore, the citizens were able to get to know the place of the implementation in advance and at the same time try out the accessibility. In both districts, the training-rooms are located on main roads and are easily accessible by bus.



The test ran smoothly and was perceived by the participants as very pleasant. In Kiel-Gaarden, the start will be delayed for a short time, but then it says:

Come on, let’s go!