WIPP – Mission and Aims


The WIPP project will contribute to health promotion among the older population (65+ years). This project is funded by Interreg Deutschland-Danmark with grants from the European Fund for Regional Development. Overall, the following can be noted:

  • The project starts sustainable changes.
  • Active and healthy ageing in Schleswig-Holstein as well as South Denmark and Zealand are supported.
  • Participation of older citizens will be fostered.

This will be achieved by improving health-promoting behavior (e.g., improving healthy nutrition, physical activities, social activities). Consequently, quality of life and the number of Healthy Life Years (HLY)  will increase. In the long run, health care costs will reduce.


To reach this vision, the WIPP project has several aims.

Aim 1: Cross-border Quadruple-Helix Collaboration

The Quadruple-Helix model  includes the public health sector, citizens, research institutions and businesses. This model is the basis for collaboration in the WIPP project. The project partners belong to the public health sector, research institutions and businesses, so they already cover three of the four groups in the model. Additionally, citizens are in the focus of product and process development in the primary prevention sector and are as experts included in the project.

Aim 2: Implementation Model

A screening will detect older citizens with an increased risk for physical disability. Using the evaluation of risk profiles, action plans will be developed and implemented, which will foster health promotion. These action plans will include innovative interventions to promote lifestyle changes and prevent a loss of functioning.

Aim 3: Business model

To stabilize a sustainable implementation, technological and business aspects will be a part of the WIPP project, too. Concrete market needs will be considered and innovative value chains will be developed in the realm of existing health care structures, which build on cost effective action plans. These plans will include a catalogue with business solutions for the primary prevention sector that covers implementation guidelines, apps, business models, and several kinds of investments as well as cost and effectiveness analyses.

Aim 4: Establishing sustainable and effective structures for primary health care

The newly developed screenings and interventions and newly established networks between the citizens, public health sector, research institutions and businesses will be developed to a WIPP advisory board. The advisory board will be implemented during the WIPP project and will after the project period sustain as „The WIPP – A lighthouse of competence“ consisting of all partners of the Quadruple-Helix model. By the implementation of „ The WIPP – A lighthouse of competence“ all effective structures for primary health care, which were established during the WIPP project, will be maintained and sustainable changes will be ensured.