WIPP on a study trip in Slagelse

Wednesday 6. June, representatives of the WIPP project were studying the Ringparken in Slagelse to inspire the project’s Timebanking concept. Here was the Work Package Manager for Work Package 5, Esbjerg Municipality, and a working group composed of employees from Slagelse Municipality and SDU visited the network partner, the Association for Multicultural Care Homes, and the “Actionplan” for Ringpark. The association for multicultural care homes and the “General Plan” for the Ring Park, together with local volunteers, has created a place called “the Change” (Bytteringen). The change is a place where local residents in the Ring Park can meet and exchange things and services with each other. The concept of “the change” is less about the Timebanking concept, and the WIPP working group was thus visited to find inspiration for the development of the WIPP timebanking concept.