The intervention of the WIPP project: Expansion of the Kiel network

Partners of the Kiel sports and healthsector get involved in the WIPP project with their different strengths. In working groups practical knowledge and different perspectives are exchanged by using existing network structures. In result there is a positive extension of the possibilities of our WIPP family.

On the German side, the cooperation of several partners can be well illustrated by the practical implementation of the WIPP intervention. This working group consists of two project partners (PP) and one network partner (NP). The Landessportverband Schleswig-Holstein e.V. (LSV; NP), the AOK NORDWEST (AOK; PP) and the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU; PP) work very closely together.

In the working group, the possibilities of implementing the WIPP intervention are discussed and the necessary structures are considered. Due to several experiences and good contacts to sport clubs the LSV provides a very important structural and practice-related starting point. The WIPP interventions build on this and integrate the requirements of the CAU, which in turn ensures that the requirements of the scientific working group of the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) are met. The basis for the implementation of the WIPP intervention is provided by the AOK NORDWEST, which contributes many ideas for the current and long-term implementation of the WIPP intervention and at the same time prepares the financial framework.

Through this close network structures are already created that should work together in the future to help the WIPP Project to be sustainable and to be implemented in other regions.