The preventive Conversations in Workpackage 5 (WP5) – Kommune Esbjerg

There has been a breakthrough in Workpackage 5 concerning the RedCabCloud RCC, the technological platform that contains the questionnaires and tests. We call it breakthrough because we expect the last transaction this week. This means that the development work on the content and digitization of the questionnaires and tests is about to be completed. We are therefore prepared to conduct preventive homevisits within the framework of the WIPP criteria. We are looking forward to the first good results of the digitized method. Will we recruite more citizens who are willing to take part at the preventive homevisit? Will we be more aware of the citizens’ challenges than before the WIPP project? Is the preventive conversation more qualified? Will the healthy life years actually increase? That is exactly what we need to find out together with WIPP!


WP5 and the upcoming tasks- Webinar and Timebanking

Since the RCC has started, we can concentrate on the technological part of the interventions in WP5 now. We are currently working on a cooperation agreement for the development of a webinar platform for digital training. We have focused on functional health in the webinar, which is to be held in both German and Danish. We will report on this part of the work in WP5 more detailed in the forthcoming newsletter. It will be an exciting task to test and start the digital training.

Another project in WP5 is the Timebanking. Timebanking is an exchange system of social benefits, often organized in form of a member association. Timebanking brings people together so they can help and support each other. The social benefits can be quite different e.g. do a telephone call, go shopping, cleaning up and much more.

Our current task is to find the right platform for it. Timebanking can have many different faces. In WP5 we explore the possibilities to find a method that is best suited for the WIPP project. For this, we work closely together with our main partner of the Syddansk University (SDU). The SDU enables IT developers to adapt an existing platform to WIPP. As in the webinar, it is also important that we develop a Timebanking that can be used in Germany as well as in Denmark.

This was a small update of the Workpackage 5 (WP5) and West-Denmark Kommune Esbjerg. We look forward to reporting further new findings during the course of the year 2018.