Press Conference in Odense

On June 12th 2017, an external kick-off meeting was conducted at the SDU in Odense where the WIPP project was introduced to the press. The meeting was attended mostly by the Danish project and network partners. Interesting presentations and vivid discussions were held and allowed enriching as well as new insights into the Interreg 5a project.

The first part of the meeting was a press conference. It started with a warm welcome and opening speech by Jørgen Povlsen, leader of the Department of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics. Then the councilman Brian Scov gave an insight into the perspectives of the WIPP project. Finally, the project leader Paolo Caserotti portrayed the project and its various potentials. The press conference was concluded with the opportunity for questions and discussion.

The second part of the meeting was focused on the project’s sustainability and on the Quadruple Helix Model. Iwan Alstrup, the project manager, emphasized the importance of the cross-border collaboration of project as well as network partners.

In the third and last part, possible approaches for recruiting, involving and screening elder citizens were illustrated and discussed. Paolo Caserotti showed that early risk detection and life style changes play an eminent role in maintaining full physical functionality. In addition, Jenny Havn, representing the municipality of Odense, demonstrated how the target group of 65+ can be reached via preventive home visits.

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